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Hey Guys!

My name is Dominique and I am Miss Teenage East-Central Alberta 2017. I am so excited to introduce myself to everyone reading this! I am 16 and I live in a small town where nothing happens so winning this title was life changing for me. I saw the add for miss teen on facebook and I am sure glad I did, the experience with all the girls on March 11-12 was truly amazing and the experience was life changing before I even got a crown. The girls I met, crowned and not crowned where all amazing and so nice and I would like to thank everyone for that!

So lets talk about crowning night! The night of the show/crowning I was so extremely nervous and shaky, I couldn’t stop smiling. I was glad my dress was flowy and long because underneath my legs where just shaking because of the excitement and the nerves but i’m sure everyone felt the same way. At the time of the crowing I was holding the girls hand who was beside me so tight I felt bad for her, and when they called my name I was so happy and shocked and there was nothing that could take the smile off my face. I am so proud of every girl there who got crowned, you guys deserved it.

Since I’ve gotten this crown I have been able to do incredible things that I will remember forever. I am doing things with this title that I either would have never thought of prior to this pageant or never have had the courage doing. I am making a positive change in my life as well as others!

A last thank you to all my supporters, my friends, family, and contestants each and every one of you made my experience unforgettable! I love you all!!!!

XOXO – Dominique


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2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada has officially begun!

As a Regional Delegate from east-central Alberta, I have never been to Toronto. I landed at 3:40 PM and I was so excited! I was expecting it to be so hot when I stepped outside but, to my surprise, it was actually more around room temperature.

At 6:30 pm we entered into the ‘ballroom name* at the Airport Holiday Inn in Toronto to attend the Opening Ceremonies and the “Meet the Sponsors” party. It was super nerve-wracking but I was so excited to get to know everyone and take a look at all of the sponsors’ products and gifts!

The party was soooo fun! We got to eat chocolate, golf, go shopping, etc. all for free! What made it even better was we had fun contests with the golf, we got to meet everyone and get to know one another, and we were treated to pizza and cake. My feet were so sore by the end but it was still so much fun

The room was like a ballroom with carpet on the floor. There were huge windows around the entire room and they were so elegant and gorgeous. They also gave us a good view of Toronto. It was really, really nice.


Sweets Canada logo - new 2016Sam Dhutia from Sweets Canada was at the party doing chocolate tastings. Sam made a very informative and delicious chocolate tasting exhibit –  I don’t even like chocolate but I definitely loved it! after each sampling he generously gave out gourmet chocolate bars , and or edible flower chocolate bars, however I took a gourmet chocolate bar. Personally, I prefer white chocolate over milk and dark chocolate so I asked for the bar with white chocolate in it. It also contains cocoa-nibs, caramel, and sea salt. It tastes so good!I also was gifted white chocolate-covered cashews called Q’bites. They are also very yummy.

My chocolate bar and Q'bites

My chocolate bar and Q’bites

Sweets Canada is on Twitter @SweetsCanadaCA and so is their parent company Q Foods Canada which tweets from @QFoodsCanada



VPI Canada logoThere were free designer sunglasses from V.P.I. Canada, one pair for each of us.

I found my pair of Boléro Polarized Square Frame Glasses In the color Blue Turquoise for sale online for $54.99  plus shipping and handling. Thanks VPI Canada – they are honestly so cute and I love them so much!

Wearing my glasses

Here’s a pic of me wearing my new shades.



social media ggregator hashtagioHashtagio is a Social Media Aggregator and User Generated Marketing Platform that was at the show collecting all our social media tagged with the #MissTeenageCanada2016  and then projecting it live at the party.  Even better, they make a single feed URL to which our parents and friends can subscribe to follow along in real time as we experience all the different activities here in Toronto.  And the mass of spontaneously issued images and text from all 65 delegates will be archived on this page in the Miss Teenage Canada main site and on the Miss Teen Canada Blog Network / Search for Miss Teenage Canada 2016. It’s actually really cool to be able t see all of everyones pictures without having to scroll through 1000 pictures!


Nuvango logo


Nuvango created a shareable moment center by offering up some designer clothes. This is a girl party mainstay.

This is the cute crop top I picked out!

This is the cute crop top I picked out!

Two days ago our ensemble made a visit to the Nuvango headquarters. They manufacture everything right here in Toronto! It was so cool!

We Had a photo shoot and I modeled this cute kimono

We Had a photo shoot and I modeled this cute kimono



#nuvango #nuvangostyle


Archers Arena logo At the party there was a bow and arrow (with a giant marshmallow on the pointy end) and we all took turns trying to hit a paper target that was setup in the ballroom.  We all played Archery Tag in Toronto at Archers Arena today! It was so fun!

IMG_1374 (2)

There were lots of cute places for photo ops

There were lots of cute places for photo ops



I felt like Katniss from The Hunger Games, and I know that is typical to say but it is 100% true.




Sally HansenSally Hansen provided products for gift bags and I cannot wait to see what they give us! Thank you so much!!

Website: https://ca.sallyhansen.com/

Instagram & Twitter: @sallyhansenca


Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy





Another fun exhibit at the Opening Night Sponsors’ Party was from Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy which teaches golf lessons at six golf courses west of Toronto. Yesterday we all went to the golf academy and practices techniques like chipping, putting, and driving, and then had a putting competition at the end of our group lessons on two different courses for two ladies golf jackets (which are prizes from SWING active wear) and two beautiful rose bouquets.

At the party there was a live mini golf attraction set up for us to practice our putting. I didn’t get a hole in one but it was still fun.






IMG_1342 (2)

While we were there, there was a tournament for down syndrome awareness and we met Darryl Sittler, a Famous hockey player from the Toronto Maple Leaves



RIMMEL LondonRimmel London provided a surplus of products for the girls’ welcome bags. I can’t wait to see what they gave us!

Find the team on Instagram & Twitter: @rimmelllondoncan, and on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/RimmelLondonCanada


Bata Shoe MuseumWe visited the Bata Shoe Museum on Tuesday, July 19 at 11:30 a.m. We saw amny cool shoes, but the best by far was one of Shaquille O’neal’s shoes.

His shoes are size 22 and double wide!

His shoes are size 22 and double wide!


@batashoemuseum   and they collect images marked #batashoemuseum

Storia PR Inc.

Storia PR

We are especially advised to seek out and introduce ourselves to Daphna and Karen Nussbaum from Storia PR in Toronto. These ladies are part of the 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada experience and will be retweeting and amplifying much of the media we make, everywhere we go.

@StoriaPR,  https://twitter.com/StoriaPR
Fish’d By EDO

instagram/twitter/facebook: @fishdbyedo

Today after our glorious workout, Fish’d by Edo provided us with delicious sushi burritos. They we so yummy and I wanted more!

This was my veggie sushi burrito!

This was my veggie sushi burrito!



Yogen Fruz logo

Provided $15 coupon which we will be giving to the Miss Teenage Canada 2016 prize pack. I love yogen fruz so winning would be so great!





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Our second assignment was designed to test our graphic designing skills and creativity. I saw it as a way for all of us finalists to express our individuality and personality, and I had a lot of fun working through this design.

View my design by clicking here.

I decided to make this banner elegant and feminine, and I really hope everyone enjoys it!

Huge thanks to Sign Source Solution LTD. for donating this roll-up banner to us. Be sure to check out their Twitter @SignSourceS and their Facebook page!

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So one day, as I was sitting in the chair in Buzz Buzz Hair Company’s salon, the wonderful owner, Amy, who was dying my hair came up with a fabulous idea for a fundraiser. She suggested doing a cut-a-thon, or in other words, a full days worth of cutting hair and hanging out at the salon. She also graciously decided to donate 100% of the profits that day to my fundraising efforts.

Yes, 100%. It’s amazing, I know

The beautiful Amy and I after a great day of work!

The beautiful Amy and I after a great day of work!


We had sooo much fun all day; she cut the hair and I swept it up. It was super amazing seeing everyone walking out with their hair done up amazingly and a huge smile on all of their faces.


Bailey, Beau, and I after his hair cut

Bailey, Beau, and I after his hair cut


Bailey, one of Amy’s employees, sadly couldn’t be there all day but she cut the hair of a little 3-year-old named Beau who was the cutest thing! He sat so nicely in his chair and even got a little bit of red to spice up his new do. He loved it so much!



Here I am, posing with Lori who was awarded one of the free haircuts and who is also a major supporter of me!

Here I am, posing with Lori who was awarded one of the free haircuts and is also a major supporter of me going into the national competition!


Even though we only cut hair that day,we had a special twist. We had an amazing anonymous person pay for 3 hair cuts to anyone who wanted them. This act of kindness was used as a way to fill up all of the spots available, and it worked! We had a full day, and I would like to thank everyone who came out to support me. It really means a lot!


I really enjoyed the day, seeing faces coming in familiar and going out looking slightly less familiar (thanks Amy and Bailey), and I am glad the event was such a success. I would also like to thank Amy for putting together a gift bag of hair supplies for me to use during the week in Toronto! You were such an amazing help Amy, and I’m glad I got to work with you.

I managed to snag a selfie at the end of the day. All worked out!

I managed to snag a selfie at the end of the day. It was a blast!


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Ever since Grade One, I’ve been living in a small town with a little lake in my backyard. It may not seem like a big deal, but living on the lake has been a part of my life for as long as I remember and I couldn’t imagine life without it.

summer 2014 019

My sister, Sarah, and I watching the sunset

Hardisty Lake is one of the biggest tourist attractions we have around where I live; as it attracts many visitors annually. This lake isn’t just a place to swim, there is so much to do it’s actually kind of crazy.

Some things that I enjoy doing on the lake during summer are tubing, wake-boarding, and knee-boarding. My dad is really great about taking Sarah and I for rides whenever we ask and it is what I look forward to most every summer.

One time when I was little, my sister and I were tubing and it was a little windy out. So we were being pulled along and all of a sudden the tube flies into the air and we both fall off and start crying. It was scary at the time, but, now, I look back at this moment and laugh.

Tubing with Sarah and one of my old friends!

Tubing with Sarah and one of my old friends!

There is also a campground situated across the lake that attracts many people from all over. It is so big that whenever I go there, I get lost! Across from my private beach, there is a public beach. It serves as a place for campers and townsfolk to visit on a hot day and you can rent floaters, paddle-boards/boats, and even buy cold treats like ice cream to enjoy!

There is also a hugeeee annual rodeo that we have in the summer. The entire campground gets rented out, there are fireworks every night, and people from across the world come to compete in it. The rodeo grounds are right beside the lake and the beach is always full of families.

This is the horse that I used when I was in the Rodeo last year!

This is the horse that I used when I was in the Rodeo last year!

The lake is where the town gets together for celebrations such as Canada Day and the first day of summer. It helps us remember that, even though many of us aren’t related, we are still one, big , happy family.

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I have been a busy girl lately, making appearances here and there all the while having loads of fun. In this blog post, I will be catching everyone up on what your Miss Teenage East Central Alberta 2016 has been up to.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak at the 2016 Women’s Conference in Killam.

IMG_5626              IMG_5632

At said conference, I spoke about my journey so far and what I plan to do in the future. I also spoke a little about my platform, which is building self esteem and confidence in youth, no matter who they are or where they are from. It was lots of fun and I would really like to thank the association for inviting me to speak.

Just last week, I helped out a friend, Ricci,  by volunteering with the Community Church garage sale at a church-sponsored breakfast. It was the town wide garage sale day so there were so many people who came in and bought some of their stuff such as children’s clothing and jewelry. She was so kind, she even gave me one of the necklaces for free to wear in Toronto this summer! Her husband, Jim Matthews  of the Flagstaff County Council ,was also there!

IMG_6235 copy          IMG_6244 copy

Two days ago, I had a blast at the Killam Rodeo! I had the honor of meeting the Mayor of Killam, Bud James, MP for the Battle River-IMG_2033 (1) Crowfoot region, Kevin Sorenson, and MLA for the Battle River-Wainwright Constituency, Wes Taylor, while we were lining up for the parade. I also got to meet one of my biggest fans. Her mom told me she would like to do pageants when she’s older and I really hope she does.

While I was riding in the parade and throwing candy in a cute little orange convertible, I wIMG_6254 copyitnessed the most adorable thing. When I threw a pieceof bubble gum to this little girl she literally screamed she was so happy. She screeched, “AHHHHH! I GOT GUM!” My parents, my best friend, and I all died with laughter.

I also spend the majority of the day working with kids at a bouncy house in which the Campbell McLennan car dealership Sponsored. I loved seeing all the children having so much fun and one little boy even gave me a $0.10 tip! It was so cute!

IMG_2043  IMG_2044  13499440_1068952433187976_546730706_o

Now that you are all caught up on what I’ve been doing, I’m going to tell you a bit about what I’m planning. This weekend I’m going to be riding in the parade for the Wainwright Stampede and a few days later I will be hosting a Painting with Friends fundraiser. If you are wondering what exactly that is, I guess you will just have to wait and see 😉

Also, Huge thanks to my sponsors so far: Edo Japan from Camrose, Tish’s Fashion and Finery, Dream Creations, and Campbell McLennan. Your help has been greatly appreciated and good things will be coming your way.


Teneille, Miss Teenage East Central Alberta 2016

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There I stood, on the stage, in front of my friends and family, holding the hands of two of my many beautiful new friends, waiting to see who would become a finalist in the Miss Teenage Canada competition. So many girls were being called forth and receiving their crowns, all the while I was in the back row nervously waiting, wondering, “Am I next?” Little did I know, I was. I heard Michelle call out, “Your next finalist is… Number 15!” And when she smiled back at me, I was struck with amazement. I saw former Miss Teenage Alberta come up to me with the gorgeous crystal crown and bouquet and I knew that I was in for an amazing journey. Who knew that me, a small town girl, could win a title with only one week to prepare. And, yes, I mean a single week.


The week I had to get ready was a blur. I needed a gown, shoes, a bathing suit, a black cocktail dress, a biography, and I needed to fund-raise for the provincial charity of choice, Cardiac Kids, in such a small amount of time! I didn’t know how I was going to do it!

Believe it or not, being in a small town actually helped me get ready faster. It helped me to know everyone because, with out them, I couldn’t have done the competition. I borrowed a gorgeous grad dress from an amazing girl who used to dance at my studio, I borrowed a black cocktail dress from my best friend, and I managed to raise $200.00 for Cardiac Kids! I really would like to thank everyone who helped me get where I am right now.

IMG_9272[1]                      IMG_9284[1]

 (Photo credit to Miss Teenage South Western Alberta 2016)

 This is such an amazing opportunity and I am so honoured to be able to take part in it.

Whats up for me next, you ask?

I have a few months to fund-raise as much as I can and then I’m off to compete in the national pageant this summer in Toronto. I am beyond excited, not only to be in Toronto competing for the glorious title ‘Miss Teenage Canada 2016’, but also to meet many beautiful girls from around the country.


So what is there to know about me?

I am a 15 year old girl in grade 10 and I love making new friends. I am really passionate about dance, as I have been a dancer for most of my life and, this year, I even started volunteering at my local studio as a student teacher. At our many competitions, I help keep my girls (and our only boy) together and I help relieve their nerves. I also love animals (especially my cat :P). Many of my friends would say that I excel at school, as well. I have been on the honour roll for 6 years in a row! I am also a very athletic person. I used to be a competitive gymnast, I am currently a competitive dancer, I enjoy playing volley ball and badminton, and I also enjoy multiple water sports such as wake-boarding. There is one thing, however, that I only recently started doing, as well as loving. I am proud to say that I love being a pageant girl 🙂

One of my strongest beliefs is that self confidence is the most important trait a person can have. Self confidence is a trait that helps a person to be happier and more successful in life. I would love to help children learn self confidence skills and be the best they can be, and to have the happiness that they deserve.

Teneille headsot2

(Photo credit to Meghan Wels from Star News)

I can’t wait to talk to everyone next! I will see you soon <3

Wishing you all the best, from yours truly;

Teneille 🙂

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