Ever since Grade One, I’ve been living in a small town with a little lake in my backyard. It may not seem like a big deal, but living on the lake has been a part of my life for as long as I remember and I couldn’t imagine life without it.

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My sister, Sarah, and I watching the sunset

Hardisty Lake is one of the biggest tourist attractions we have around where I live; as it attracts many visitors annually. This lake isn’t just a place to swim, there is so much to do it’s actually kind of crazy.

Some things that I enjoy doing on the lake during summer are tubing, wake-boarding, and knee-boarding. My dad is really great about taking Sarah and I for rides whenever we ask and it is what I look forward to most every summer.

One time when I was little, my sister and I were tubing and it was a little windy out. So we were being pulled along and all of a sudden the tube flies into the air and we both fall off and start crying. It was scary at the time, but, now, I look back at this moment and laugh.

Tubing with Sarah and one of my old friends!

Tubing with Sarah and one of my old friends!

There is also a campground situated across the lake that attracts many people from all over. It is so big that whenever I go there, I get lost! Across from my private beach, there is a public beach. It serves as a place for campers and townsfolk to visit on a hot day and you can rent floaters, paddle-boards/boats, and even buy cold treats like ice cream to enjoy!

There is also a hugeeee annual rodeo that we have in the summer. The entire campground gets rented out, there are fireworks every night, and people from across the world come to compete in it. The rodeo grounds are right beside the lake and the beach is always full of families.

This is the horse that I used when I was in the Rodeo last year!

This is the horse that I used when I was in the Rodeo last year!

The lake is where the town gets together for celebrations such as Canada Day and the first day of summer. It helps us remember that, even though many of us aren’t related, we are still one, big , happy family.

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