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My name is Dominique and I am Miss Teenage East-Central Alberta 2017. I am so excited to introduce myself to everyone reading this! I am 16 and I live in a small town where nothing happens so winning this title was life changing for me. I saw the add for miss teen on facebook and I am sure glad I did, the experience with all the girls on March 11-12 was truly amazing and the experience was life changing before I even got a crown. The girls I met, crowned and not crowned where all amazing and so nice and I would like to thank everyone for that!

So lets talk about crowning night! The night of the show/crowning I was so extremely nervous and shaky, I couldn’t stop smiling. I was glad my dress was flowy and long because underneath my legs where just shaking because of the excitement and the nerves but i’m sure everyone felt the same way. At the time of the crowing I was holding the girls hand who was beside me so tight I felt bad for her, and when they called my name I was so happy and shocked and there was nothing that could take the smile off my face. I am so proud of every girl there who got crowned, you guys deserved it.

Since I’ve gotten this crown I have been able to do incredible things that I will remember forever. I am doing things with this title that I either would have never thought of prior to this pageant or never have had the courage doing. I am making a positive change in my life as well as others!

A last thank you to all my supporters, my friends, family, and contestants each and every one of you made my experience unforgettable! I love you all!!!!

XOXO – Dominique


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