There I stood, on the stage, in front of my friends and family, holding the hands of two of my many beautiful new friends, waiting to see who would become a finalist in the Miss Teenage Canada competition. So many girls were being called forth and receiving their crowns, all the while I was in the back row nervously waiting, wondering, “Am I next?” Little did I know, I was. I heard Michelle call out, “Your next finalist is… Number 15!” And when she smiled back at me, I was struck with amazement. I saw former Miss Teenage Alberta come up to me with the gorgeous crystal crown and bouquet and I knew that I was in for an amazing journey. Who knew that me, a small town girl, could win a title with only one week to prepare. And, yes, I mean a single week.


The week I had to get ready was a blur. I needed a gown, shoes, a bathing suit, a black cocktail dress, a biography, and I needed to fund-raise for the provincial charity of choice, Cardiac Kids, in such a small amount of time! I didn’t know how I was going to do it!

Believe it or not, being in a small town actually helped me get ready faster. It helped me to know everyone because, with out them, I couldn’t have done the competition. I borrowed a gorgeous grad dress from an amazing girl who used to dance at my studio, I borrowed a black cocktail dress from my best friend, and I managed to raise $200.00 for Cardiac Kids! I really would like to thank everyone who helped me get where I am right now.

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 (Photo credit to Miss Teenage South Western Alberta 2016)

 This is such an amazing opportunity and I am so honoured to be able to take part in it.

Whats up for me next, you ask?

I have a few months to fund-raise as much as I can and then I’m off to compete in the national pageant this summer in Toronto. I am beyond excited, not only to be in Toronto competing for the glorious title ‘Miss Teenage Canada 2016’, but also to meet many beautiful girls from around the country.


So what is there to know about me?

I am a 15 year old girl in grade 10 and I love making new friends. I am really passionate about dance, as I have been a dancer for most of my life and, this year, I even started volunteering at my local studio as a student teacher. At our many competitions, I help keep my girls (and our only boy) together and I help relieve their nerves. I also love animals (especially my cat :P). Many of my friends would say that I excel at school, as well. I have been on the honour roll for 6 years in a row! I am also a very athletic person. I used to be a competitive gymnast, I am currently a competitive dancer, I enjoy playing volley ball and badminton, and I also enjoy multiple water sports such as wake-boarding. There is one thing, however, that I only recently started doing, as well as loving. I am proud to say that I love being a pageant girl 🙂

One of my strongest beliefs is that self confidence is the most important trait a person can have. Self confidence is a trait that helps a person to be happier and more successful in life. I would love to help children learn self confidence skills and be the best they can be, and to have the happiness that they deserve.

Teneille headsot2

(Photo credit to Meghan Wels from Star News)

I can’t wait to talk to everyone next! I will see you soon <3

Wishing you all the best, from yours truly;

Teneille 🙂

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