I have been a busy girl lately, making appearances here and there all the while having loads of fun. In this blog post, I will be catching everyone up on what your Miss Teenage East Central Alberta 2016 has been up to.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak at the 2016 Women’s Conference in Killam.

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At said conference, I spoke about my journey so far and what I plan to do in the future. I also spoke a little about my platform, which is building self esteem and confidence in youth, no matter who they are or where they are from. It was lots of fun and I would really like to thank the association for inviting me to speak.

Just last week, I helped out a friend, Ricci,  by volunteering with the Community Church garage sale at a church-sponsored breakfast. It was the town wide garage sale day so there were so many people who came in and bought some of their stuff such as children’s clothing and jewelry. She was so kind, she even gave me one of the necklaces for free to wear in Toronto this summer! Her husband, Jim Matthews  of the Flagstaff County Council ,was also there!

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Two days ago, I had a blast at the Killam Rodeo! I had the honor of meeting the Mayor of Killam, Bud James, MP for the Battle River-IMG_2033 (1) Crowfoot region, Kevin Sorenson, and MLA for the Battle River-Wainwright Constituency, Wes Taylor, while we were lining up for the parade. I also got to meet one of my biggest fans. Her mom told me she would like to do pageants when she’s older and I really hope she does.

While I was riding in the parade and throwing candy in a cute little orange convertible, I wIMG_6254 copyitnessed the most adorable thing. When I threw a pieceof bubble gum to this little girl she literally screamed she was so happy. She screeched, “AHHHHH! I GOT GUM!” My parents, my best friend, and I all died with laughter.

I also spend the majority of the day working with kids at a bouncy house in which the Campbell McLennan car dealership Sponsored. I loved seeing all the children having so much fun and one little boy even gave me a $0.10 tip! It was so cute!

IMG_2043  IMG_2044  13499440_1068952433187976_546730706_o

Now that you are all caught up on what I’ve been doing, I’m going to tell you a bit about what I’m planning. This weekend I’m going to be riding in the parade for the Wainwright Stampede and a few days later I will be hosting a Painting with Friends fundraiser. If you are wondering what exactly that is, I guess you will just have to wait and see 😉

Also, Huge thanks to my sponsors so far: Edo Japan from Camrose, Tish’s Fashion and Finery, Dream Creations, and Campbell McLennan. Your help has been greatly appreciated and good things will be coming your way.


Teneille, Miss Teenage East Central Alberta 2016

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